Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Poker "MoneyMaker"

As we all know, poker has grown drastically in the past few years. That means that the number of poker sites has grown as well. I am a member of several poker sites now, all of which I have played real money tournaments in. I am actually writing this article to tell about a new site that I have recently come across. The poker site that I now play at is called PokerChamps, which you may or may not have heard about.
A friend of mine brought this site to my attention and I was entrigued by what the site had to offer. PokerChamps is a poker site that you can actually make money with in addition to having a great time playing poker. If making money doesn't matter to you, PokerChamps is still a great place to play. If your a new player then start off in the play money tournaments and work your way up to playing with real money. If your an experienced player and want to go straight to the money tables then PokerChamps has plenty to offer you as well. You can go to the money tables or enter in one of the many different money tournaments that go on all day.
Enough about the site, now to get to what I have been trying to tell you about. That is the way in which you can make money through PokerChamps. There are a couple ways you can make money with this site. The ways to earn money with PokerChamps is with their Cashflow Bonus Program and their Integrated Affiliate Program.

Cashflow Bonus Program: When you sign up as a player at PokerChamps you automatically enter the PokerChamps CashFlow Bonus Program, which will earn you money from day one. It is a new way of making a profit from being a player at PokerChamps. You collect points by playing. The more you play the more points you earn. Your player points are automatically converted to cash and transferred to your account on a weekly basis. Doesn't get much easier then that.

Integrated Affiliate Program: Like the Cashflow Bonus Program when you sign up as a player you automatically become an affiliate with PokerChamps. This means as you get other people to sign up at PokerChamps you will automatically begin to earn money from their play. You will be given an affiliate code assigned to you when you create an account. You earn money from the play of people who sign up under your code. You will actually also collect bonus points from those who sign up under anyone that signed up under you. So start by signing up all your friends and go from there.